The NY times put a quiz asking readers to guess which articles were created by humans and which were created by Ai. 90+ percent of subjects were wrong at least once. Which means to show how Ai has become. Forbes also uses Ai named "QUILL" to write all of their reports. It is quite difficult to tell while reading through them.

Today, more and more companies are following this scheme. 

How do you know this is a human written and not a robot? is choosing machine learning (ML) tools to generate contents. Also, we let our content creators (Humans) generate contents.  


Blogging battle between Ai and Humans. Let decide which is which.

Some of articles in this site created by the machine called Ai utilizes a robot article writer with the ability to include in its contents with tons of data that includes: news, questions & answers, statistics and opinion.

Could a Ai colleague appear in near future?

Could human writers possibly be replaced by Ai at some point in the next coming years? Maybe but it might not be next year. It may take years or more for technology to reach it. However the quantum computing is now avialable so it might shorten time to see this with your own eyes.

Anyway, it is greater that human writers will be working with robot helpers to cover a broader scope of information. Machines have a place but it will never replace the creative man. It can only be an assistant.

Artificial intelligence can make the articles a bionic suit ; providing trends, recommendation and the ways to make headlines more interesting relevant imagery. We are now rolling out the Ai features to further augment our contents’ natural approaches. 

If you are looking for human content creators for your articles, you can outsource to expert writers here. We will making sure that your content is handled with the highest level of human attention, giving you the highest quality human-written articles to impress your audience.

So here is a simple test for you. Was this article written by a human or Ai? How can you tell?